Aleksandr Kogan said he assumed people were aware that their data was being taken, but just didn't care.
In the end, the slant of the news you see may be the slant of the news you seek.
With 1.23 billion users in all the flavors and up-and-down stages of romantic relationships, Facebook knows a thing or two about love.
Apparently, there's something about Charm City and Italian ice. Baltimore Ravens fans enjoy the frozen treat 23 times more
During the first six months of 2013, the U.S. government made 11,000 to 12,000 requests to Facebook for account information
First came news accounts of the government's use of armed drones in the targeted killing of suspected terrorists abroad. Then came the revelations about government surveillance programs tapping into data on phone calls, emails and more. These activities are, in fact, linked.
The company's social scientists are hunting for insights about human behavior. What they find could give Facebook new ways
Facebook's making more of your data available to you. According to Facebook, the Download Your Information feature was first
The findings offer insights into our relationships with our significant others, as well as our relationship with Facebook
As the dust settles from this week's election tallies, Facebook has proven to be a source for assessing voter turnout, in