facebook dislike button

Maybe it's just me, but these new online communication tools seem entirely unnecessary. After all, trolls, bullies, and haters have being doing just fine with their words.
When I first heard about the recently announced prospect of Facebook rolling out a dislike button the same nauseating feeling I had in 2013 when Facebook decided to allow users to edit their posts came over me.
"What they really want is the ability to express empathy," the Facebook CEO said.
It's been the dream of Facebook users since the dawn of the "Like" button: a "Dislike" button. And though we'd all love to
Facebook is considering adding a feature that people have wanted for a long time now: a "dislike" button. But don't hold your breath.
Facebook just released a "dislike" button -- of sorts.
1. Go to the chat feature while browsing Facebook on the web or mobile. 2. Click the smiley logo in the bottom right of a
Playing around with a "sympathize" button at a hackathon -- a chance for staffers to brainstorm new ideas for site features
When it comes to a "Dislike" button, Facebook is in a bind. On the one hand, Facebook, somewhat paternally, wants to only