Way to ruin marriages, Mark Zuckerberg. One in seven people said they'd considered divorce because of their spouses' questionable
Of the social media outlets, Facebook ranks number one as the place where unhappy spouses go to forget about their miserable marriages and fantasize about a better life. Today, with well over a billion users, that's a lot of browsing!
Social Media Use During Divorce Proceedings [INFOGRAPHIC] Check out the infographic below for more helpful tips, then scroll
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16. Infidelity is never black and white. Everyone has an opinion about marital infidelity, and it’s usually binary: the spouse
Most of us have friends who feel it necessary to publicize every detail of their personal lives on Facebook, including taking jabs at their soon-to-be-ex spouses. But can taking a pop shot at your ex-to-be negatively impact the outcome of your divorce?
In fact, Cone saw this unfold firsthand when a client sold an invention and made $40 million. "He got a divorce because he
Her husband, a 31-year-old businessman, reportedly told the court that updating his status had simply slipped his mind, as
While many people are beginning to realize the risks posed by thoughtlessly posting comments and pictures on Facebook, I still find myself regularly shocked by the incriminating messages and images that can be so easily accessed in a divorce case.
Facebook gives you access to a giant community. You can fit all of your family, your friends from high school and college, your co-workers, your neighbors all in one room and you don't have to serve anyone snacks to get them to hang out.
A judge has ordered a feuding Connecticut couple to turn their passwords for Facebook and dating sites over to each other's
At Cordell & Cordell, we find it's usually the seemingly innocuous posts that cause big problems in divorce cases. People
Angela Voelkert wanted a little dirt on her husband as she prepared for a messy divorce, so she posed online as a teen tart
Divorces can get ugly, and now more and more of these cases include incriminating evidence captured on social media sites
I'm sure you've heard that Facebook is responsible for 20 percent of divorces in the U.S., but that's false. However, that's not to say that Facebook can't become a tool that will inflict damage on your marriage.
NEARLY a year ago, my 70-year-old father sent me a friend request on Facebook. Though I publish my every movement -- from
Upon further review, Facebook and marriage aren't incompatible. In the past two weeks, the idea that the popular social-networking
I often wonder if people considered that every status update they enter alters the collective consciousness of the planet, if they would say something more authentic?
For most people, Facebook is a harmless way to keep in touch with friends and family But flirtations on the social networking