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On Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will take the stage in the company's posh Menlo Park, Calif. offices
1. "Facebook Home" What can we expect? Below, we've collected all the rumors and speculation in one place, for your convenience
Today's Facebook event is officially underway in San Francisco. Rumors have circulated that the social network will be unveiling
There are rumors that the social network will be taking the wraps off of an email service--allegedly dubbed the "Gmail killer
UPDATE: Facebook will be live streaming its press conference. Watch the Facebook announcement live here. -- An "@facebook.com
Facebook will be offering live video of the press conference via Facebook Live. You can watch it below. CNET, CBS, ReadWriteWeb
PC World notes Facebook may have a developer-oriented announcement to share: "Although it doesn't have the wow factor of
The CEO unveiled what he calls a "groups product" to allow people to share information and updates with smaller groups of
You can follow the announcement live via the video stream below. Facebook is holding a press conference beginning at 10:30