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As the New Year approaches I've been reflecting on the nature of dating and the often devastating effect it plays in the lives of so many individuals.
And save your canards. "Hillary hates Israel." "Huma Abedin dislikes Jews." Emails. Servers. The foundation. These are reasons
You have posted every ridiculous conspiracy theory about Hillary and even about President Obama. No doubt you think he is
Like thousands of other people, every mass shooting affected me and I wrote my share of posts related to the carnage, the tragedy, and the helplessness. I had made that promise to myself but political correctness and Facebook friendships be damned. How could anyone look at the pictures and read the heart-breaking stories and not want action?
You guys have heard of Facebook, right? If you haven't, it's this website that people go on to brag about themselves and tell everyone what they had for lunch.
Politics aside, there's a lot of love and support being shared on Facebook -- of all places.
The pain feels and looks like a scorching fire inside the limbs. I'd jump up and down on one leg in a blazing desert while eating live crickets if a doctor said it would cure me.
The convenience and immediacy of social networking can easily allow us to forget our manners. Follow these ten essential steps to good Facebook etiquette to ensure you socialise without offending others or regretting your actions.
Spoiler alert: you still cant “dislike” anything.
Some of us are a little more dedicated than others when it comes to digging up juicy digital dirt. Gird thy privacy settings, people, because it's about to get weird.
The best way to get back to the roots of Facebook, I decided, was to unfriend. As I went through the list of my "friends" striking left and right, I realized at least 70 percent of them I didn't even recognize.
Last year was my 30th reunion. I closed the place and not just because there was a free buffet. The closest thing I got to
How about we don't compare? Or assume that things are picture perfect all the time, no matter how far down we scroll to prove otherwise? How about we see each post a friend shares for what it is? A moment of happiness.
We love to complain about friends who constantly post about their fabulous relationships, jobs, and experiences on social media, but research shows these expressions of gratitude can actually make people happier.
So what will it be, people? Are you going to prove to me that you care or are you going to disappoint me, like so many in the past? If you do respond, and your word impresses me, I might even go out of my way and "like" the comment.