Google Sign-In represents a significant step forward for Google and its potential for growth. A quick look at how initial partners are using Sign-In provides a glance at what could come in the future.
In response to Facebook's rise, Google has made its social Web efforts a top priority in recent years. But results have been
Facebook comfortably defeated MySpace, and MySpace has collapsed. The trick now will be for Facebook to create a value proposition that keeps it from following MySpace and Second Life into oblivion.
"The search engine only takes you till the website. What happens after that is beyond a search engine's control," Neeraj
And yet, I’ve been surprised by just how dreary the site has become. Although Google seems determined to keep adding new
Google+ has experienced quite the roller coaster ride since launching its field trial in June. Now, it's time to consider their eulogy.
A little less than two months after Google launched its fledgling social network, Google+, Silicon Valley's latest rivalry
I fear we are entering Portal 2.0, as the major social sites have been jockeying for position this past week to win the minds of consumers much like the portals did more than a decade ago.
For more coverage, read Amy Lee's "Google Smear Campaign Leaves Facebook Looking Desperate." Paul Cordasco, Global Director
After the Daily Beast outed the social network's attempts at tarnishing Google's reputation through negative pr, it seemed