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Is the world's biggest social network in trouble?
Data for chart courtesy of Statista. The huge social network said Wednesday that 1.39 billion people log in to Facebook each
Although Facebook's stock price dropped 9 percent in after-hours trading on Tuesday, it has reached record highs in recent
Messaging is one place where Facebook has lost ground to scrappy upstarts. "Over the top" messaging apps like WhatsApp and
Keeping users coming back -- or combating fatigue -- is crucial for all social media services, analysts say. Facebook is
8/12/2012. According to Optim.al, there are currently 155.7 million Facebook users in the United States. Other internet research
Meanwhile, Facebook's growth was bolstered by gains in developing countries like Mexico, Brazil and India, each of which
Facebook is in what's called a recruiting sweet spot right now. Out of control growth in users and revenue and a nearly certain
Some tech pundits think Facebook is in trouble, but the data tells a different story: growth hasn't slowed a bit. Read more
It's only been a couple of days since Facebook revealed that it had topped 350 million users -- exceeding the population
Although Facebook recently admitted that Twitter was in its rear-view mirror, it appears that Twitter may be moving out of
Somewhere in June, however, Twitter stopped growing, at least according to Compete. The same thing happened to Facebook at
When Facebook signed up its 100 millionth member last August, its employees spread out in two parks in Palo Alto, Calif., for
Is a $300-$350 million a lot of revenue for a young company? Sure. But Facebook is often referred to as "The Next Google