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With Home encroaching into new territory and changing the way people use their phones, will we reach Facebook saturation point? It's impossible to say but, if Home is a success, Facebook will reach as yet unchartered heights in the mobile world.
Mark Zuckerberg has staunchly rejected the notion that Facebook Home, the social network’s new Facebook-ified smartphone software, is a “phone.” In a sense, he’s right: Home isn’t a phone so much as it’s a three-by-five-inch messaging center designed to get the world hooked on chatting via Facebook.
"They're just trying to make sure that you don’t use anyone else's messaging service," said Carl Howe, an analyst with the
At a press conference Thursday, Facebook unveiled Home, a new smartphone software design it cryptically said “isn't a phone
Facebook's new commercial for its "Home" phone software is more evidence that Facebook continues to take itself really seriously