Facebook isn't the worst example of financial shenanigans that need investigation by the SEC, but I've chosen to give it attention recently because the general public can easily understand the mechanics of a stock pump and dump.
His office has "received at least 150 responses" since last Friday and that he has "personally spoken to maybe over 50 people
I can't help you with past mistakes nor am I quick to say that buying Facebook is a mistake. However, here are some important tips the average investor has to know BEFORE investing in the market.
All Wall Street needed to do was deliver a fair price -- an honest price -- to the common, middle-class investor. Instead, what they delivered was a shafting of the retail investor to the benefit of their best customers; the venture capitalists, prime brokers and inside institutions.
Three investors have filed a class action suit against Facebook, its directors and its underwriters, alleging that the company
Facebook has 33 underwriters for the IPO, led by Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. GM said on Tuesday it would
Venture capital in firm Accel Partners owns over 200 million shares (an 11 percent stake), which could yield $11 billion
According to SmartMoney: If Facebook is in fact valued at $100 billion, original shareholders will see their ownership value
Tim Draper, the well known venture capital partner who founded Draper Fisher Jurvetson, told Reuters this month he recently
Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies has begun buying more shares in Facebook, seeking to expand its stake in