The investment banks that helped inflate Facebook's share price may stand to earn fees as Facebook acquires other companies. Unfortunately, the fall in value puts a damper on these plans.
Scott Hankins, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky's College of Public Health who has studied the effects
But it's still early days. If Facebook's stock starts to rally in the months ahead, CNET's Paul Sloan wrote last week, "a
NEW YORK (Reuters) - UBS AG had trading losses of around $30 million stemming from Facebook Inc's botched initial public
Sure, there might be cooler places on the Internet, but who feels like making the schlep? As much as we might despise it, we can't help but sign into it.
The Facebook IPO will only add to the millionaires competing to buy a small number of homes, and it seems inevitable that prices will be driven up.
Other online brokers such as ShareBuilder also allow limited orders for a fee. Serious investors seeking Facebook stock will
Despite Zuckerberg's vow that Facebook is and always will be free, experts say users will find themselves paying Facebook
It's electrifying here in Silicon Valley this week, even more so than usual. Normally, many of us are heads down, focused on our own companies, but right now, even in the land of "what's next?" all anyone can talk about is the Facebook IPO.
If Saverin did indeed give up his U.S. passport in order to avoid taxes on the money he’ll bring in from the Facebook IPO