Information technology has undergone one revolution after another -- from big to small, corporate to personal, individual to networked and now stationary to mobile. Social computing will remain a powerful driver of wealth creation.
It looks like Niles had the right idea. Facebook’s stock price has dropped about 19 percent since it debuted at $38 last
June 8 (Reuters) - Swiss bank UBS may have lost as much as $350 million from trading shares in Facebook Inc amid the confusion
There is a very strong ongoing Wall Street lobbying effort that labels any attempt to regulate anything they do as "anti-capitalist." That's self-destructive nonsense.
In fact, Cone saw this unfold firsthand when a client sold an invention and made $40 million. "He got a divorce because he
The Facebook IPO will only add to the millionaires competing to buy a small number of homes, and it seems inevitable that prices will be driven up.
Other online brokers such as ShareBuilder also allow limited orders for a fee. As thousands of potential investors clamor
Still, even after efforts from international organizations to crack down on global tax evasion, the practice is still rampant
Facebook's IPO filing this week confirmed what we already knew: Facebook makes the vast majority of its money by selling
Why not go the route of Wikipedia or Firefox or WordPress, digital creations that are open source and not-for-profit? Or why not stay a private company, turning a small profit but answering only to yourself?
On his blog, Choe expressed his excitement and disbelief over the news: "F*ck, have you had the dream where you ARE this
As part of its much ballyhooed S-1 filing on its road to going public, Facebook ($FB) also listed a set of "Risks Related
Risk Factors: Increased mobile engagement -- Facebook's over 400 million mobile users are a threat to the company, because
The filing also revealed that the service now has 845 million monthly active users. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg