According to Tuesday's ruling, Facebook ceased the practice at issue in October 2012. But the company said it still does
"It's a pretty serious situation," Ali's attorney David Altenbern told Texas Lawyer magazine. "She is obviously very mad
"The complaint is without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously," a Facebook spokesperson told the Huffington Post
he way I see it, this is a triumph of the little guy over the powers that be, a defiant blow against the corporatization of America. I'm just honored that "I'm With Stupid" gets to be a part of it.
You will then be asked to fill out your contact information, which will be used "to contact you, if necessary, about your
The lawsuit alleges that the Facebook ads "used Facebook members’ names and likenesses to sell products without their consent
The app has kicked up a controversy with its debut. The Huffington Post on Monday received a statement from Charles Sankowich
Under the terms of a settlement agreement filed on Wednesday, Facebook members will be able to control which content can
By Dan Levine and Sarah McBride The lawsuit, brought by five Facebook members, alleged the social networking site violated
There will be many possible themes for the 2012 Presidential election -- jobs, women's rights, and religious tolerance, among others. But a central theme should be "who do you trust to clean up Wall Street?"
In the days since, at least eight more shareholder suits have appeared. Multiple news reports, many of them citing anonymous
There is a very strong ongoing Wall Street lobbying effort that labels any attempt to regulate anything they do as "anti-capitalist." That's self-destructive nonsense.
Nothing is set in stone yet, but if California does lose out as a result of Facebook's stock fizzle, Golden State residents
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Sure, there might be cooler places on the Internet, but who feels like making the schlep? As much as we might despise it, we can't help but sign into it.
In the New York case, shareholders said research analysts at several underwriters had lowered their business forecasts for
Facebook may be rapidly approaching a phenomenon we might call peak hype -- the moment when both usage and investor interest Facebook reach their zenith and rapidly start to decline and spiral downward.
Facebook isn't the only tech giant facing parental punishment. Apple is also being sued by parents for similar reasons. According
Facebook is expected this year to conduct perhaps the most anticipated U.S. initial public offering ever. The Menlo Park
Welcome to this week's "60 Seconds of Social Media." In this episode, we take a look at the troubles facing Internet giant Yahoo and give you a primer on SEO and what it means for your Web site.