"Due to a flaw in how Facebook implemented this [Download Your History], it also housed contact information from other uploads
Facebook announced that 6 million users' email addresses or phone numbers were leaked due to a bug. Even though this bug only impacted 0.5 percent of Facebook's 1.11 billion users, people have become increasingly paranoid about their privacy online since that it was revealed that the NSA is collecting people's Internet and phone data.
Facebook announced the bug by email and in a public post blog post. Those who downloaded their archives through Facebook's
Facebook announced on Tuesday the app flaw has been patched, but Symantec still recommends that Facebook users change their
There's a story going around today that a "white hat" (the good kind, sort of) hacker pulled data from 100 million Facebook
A tipster described the glitch to BusinessInsider, writing: 6:46PM: I cannot f--king believe it. Everybody's email has been