Researchers found that the more you use Facebook, the likelier you are to feel worse.
I then received a second, identical message from a colleague I hadn't seen in 15 years. Then a few personal messages from
Follow Huffington Post's board LOL onPinterest. Dislike button? LIKE. But lucky for us, CollegeHumor created a video to show
To like or not like a Facebook post contradicts normal human biology. In real life, by not acknowledging something is to express your like. You like that you were able to make it out of bed this morning. But you don't actually say it.
Think before you like. A well-populated Facebook page offers an open portal into your buying persona. Once an opportunistic marketer learns which books you read, which movies you like, and which types of food you prefer, it is game on.
I wanted to share a thought on the value of "likes" "shares" and "subscribes" from the giver's perspective. In other words, what's in it for those consuming of content; then liking, sharing and subscribing to content?
My ears bleed and I suffer in silence when I'm schlepping a carful of tweens to the beach or to the movies. When these girls are not singing along to Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, my senses are being bombarded with a symphony of "likes."
Here's a tip: If Facebook and Twitter are the only methods that you use to promote your new book, new mix tape, new whatever, just stop. You're doing it all wrong, and you're wearing us out.
"We're already seeing a favorable increase in Likes and Shares with the new design and will be rolling these buttons out
Who is "LIKE?" Does the person behind each "LIKE" have the power to make us feel any certain way about ourselves?
Read the court's ruling here: The ruling by the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest in a legal battle involving
On the other hand, Facebook wants to know what you don't like without having your friends find out. Building a profile of
How do we bring real meaning to even perfunctory encounters and make those little annoying thumbs really powerful?
Dadara isn't really attempting to answer the lofty question. Instead it is planning on constructing a massive effigy acknowledging
The event took place on Saturday -- the 75th day of the year -- and also celebrated the town's population growing over 75,000
Forget about 'Want' and 'Collect.' Who needs a second Pinterest, anyway? Here are ten other Facebook buttons that make way more sense:
If I sit on my couch watching The Biggest Loser while eating four scoops of Rocky Road and then update my status about how I wish I could lose the weight, I haven't actually DONE anything. Posting about politics on Facebook is NOT the same things as casting a ballot.
When dealing with people's thoughts and free speech, Facebook needs to be more flexible. By blindly applying policies, Facebook is inadvertently harming the very users whose lives it seeks to enrich.
Numbers have become incredibly important in the world of social media; it is seen as authority and popularity, but can one buy popularity and authority?
The other day, while I was in a local store picking up a few personal items, I noticed something printed on the side of a