I don't want to smell like Brad Pitt. He gets paid for saying he likes Chanel No. 5, I don't.
Previous research has shown that basic demographic information (such as age, gender, and education level) can be guessed by looking at online profiles. But a new study goes much farther, documenting clues for intelligence, sexual orientation, and drug use.
Some influential bloggers are reporting that Twitter will soon change the name of its popular retweet feature to 'They Were All Wrong About You.' This rumor has yet to be substantiated. Or favorited, for that matter.
Before the budget proposal, Ryan regularly earned less than 50 new Facebook fans ('Likes') a day, hovering between an average of 30-40. March 20 saw an increase to over 300 new fans in one day, repeated on March 21. While an interesting trend, it's hardly sweeping support.