facebook likes

Jose Simms cut a deal with police in Torrington, Connecticut, to turn himself in if the post went viral. It did and he didn't.
So here's the thing about the emojis. Yes, they are cute, but they also enable all of us to avoid having to take the time to say anything personal.
After a recent conversation with a friend, I began to wonder if the power of the Facebook like is a figment of my imagination. Can your so-called Facebook friends send you subliminal messages by liking or not liking your status and photos?
When I first heard about the recently announced prospect of Facebook rolling out a dislike button the same nauseating feeling I had in 2013 when Facebook decided to allow users to edit their posts came over me.
This morning I ran into a sad friend. She'd spent the previous evening with a couple of fabulous couples, all strappy sandals and flowery dresses and lively stories about lovely children. Their fabulousness all seemed so effortless, my friend said.
                                    Life Goals + A Plan = High Self-Esteem Remember  in elementary school when you wished
"I think it's a good idea to talk more about the victims and less about the perpetrator," Dishion said, adding, "People are