Facebook filters messages to keep you from getting spammed. This is mostly a very helpful tool, but occasionally real messages, business opportunities etc. get filtered because someone is in no way connected to you and trying to reach out.
Though Facebook has countered the post, telling the Wall Street Journal that many of its claims are overblown and outdated
Facebook put out other little reminders, too... All those extra sent messages only feed the data monster, making it easier
Facebook just released a "dislike" button -- of sorts.
1. Go to the chat feature while browsing Facebook on the web or mobile. 2. Click the smiley logo in the bottom right of a
1) Be exclusive with your likes and comments Minimizing the likes and comments on your kid's page will make the occasional
Mark Zuckerberg has staunchly rejected the notion that Facebook Home, the social network’s new Facebook-ified smartphone software, is a “phone.” In a sense, he’s right: Home isn’t a phone so much as it’s a three-by-five-inch messaging center designed to get the world hooked on chatting via Facebook.
"They're just trying to make sure that you don’t use anyone else's messaging service," said Carl Howe, an analyst with the
Ever since Facebook revamped their Messages, there's been a filter placed on your inbox. The one that comes up automatically when you press the Messages icon is your "Inbox" where you get messages from your friends. But it turns out there's an "Other" inbox.
Economic Data: And we really mean didn’t go far enough. If it had passed, “Plan B” would have actually meant a backdoor tax