Facebook filters messages to keep you from getting spammed. This is mostly a very helpful tool, but occasionally real messages, business opportunities etc. get filtered because someone is in no way connected to you and trying to reach out.
The company's recent controversial move to force iPhone and Android owners who want to keep chatting with their friends to
Though Facebook has countered the post, telling the Wall Street Journal that many of its claims are overblown and outdated
You don't undo those things with better packaging, or a new release of an old product. You have to do the deep, soul-baring, painful work of repentance and asking forgiveness -- and do it without caring if this person ever comes to your church or not.
How much access to your (and your friends') personal data are you prepared to share for access to free mobile apps? I suspect the amount is significantly less than that which you actually agreed to share when blindly accepting the Terms of Service.
There are, however, several features that are noticeably (in some cases inconceivably) missing that make Facebook Messenger
Facebook recently unveiled a new, standalone app called "Messenger" that's made for sending SMS-like messages to your Facebook
A Facebook blog post announcing the new release cited speed and effectiveness as the reasons behind making a messaging app