facebook news feed

It's back to basics for the social media giant.
You'll now see more posts from your friends and less from the media.
Domesticated animals eat feed. Day after day, the farmer fills the trough with the same oats, the same feed. As we lie in sleep, our sidecars charge, our prostheses: computers, tablets, smartphones. Receptacles for the news feeds, charging to accommodate relentless scrolling throughout the day. Everywhere, silently revving for the coming feeding.
With so many people on Facebook every day, for so much time, and most of them looking out for news, how news appears on Facebook clearly matters, a lot.
Is this creepy or helpful? You check out a pair of shoes online, and suddenly - there they are in your Facebook news feed. That's programmatic marketing. Or, you're a mom and you bought a new stroller at Babies 'R Us and now you see an ad for birth announcements from a company like Shutterfly.
The social network is currently rolling out a test redesign of its "Trending" sidebar that groups buzzy news and hashtags
It's not that I purposely mislead or lie. The stuff that I post is true. Things are going well! But there seems to be this outsized idea of what I'm doing compared to what I really am. To what anyone really is.
So, can you stop worrying about the role of algorithms and personalization in creating echo chambers online? The shortest version is this: Absolutely not.
Get ready for a slightly new look, 360-degree video and more.
Some of us run small-scale tests and develop theories as to what can garner the most interaction. Others convince themselves to rise above it and attempt to ignore the addictive validation people bestow onto the content they share.
These photos we share on social media are a string of moments we choose to capture because we are happy. We take photos of the good times. We want to capture so we can remember. It makes sense.
Old albums can remind you of good memories. One chapter of Flores’ book is titled “Am I My Profile Pic?” In the chapter, she
It's easier to limit what type of content you see Adam Mosseri, the Facebook News Feed's product management director, told
Your Facebook News Feed has been filled with old irrelevant posts instead of new ones. You complained. Facebook listened
Additionally, the company will begin looking at the ratio of clicks to shares and comments. That article with lots of clicks
If you're online, if you use a smartphone, you're an experimental subject in proprietary research studies of how best to target, engage and monetize you.