Next time we see someone in the media who we think deserves our critique, our judgment, or even our hatred, let's take a deep breath in and let a deep breath out -- and be reminded that we're all struggling to define ourselves and to live our lives in the happiest ways we know how.
"Well, that was interesting." WHAT WAS? Is everything okay? What's happening? These are just a few of the questions that
Your Facebook week in summary The switch is part of an effort by Facebook to give its users more control over the site's
Your Facebook News Feed has been filled with old irrelevant posts instead of new ones. You complained. Facebook listened
In a blog post published Monday, research scientist Khalid El-Arini and product specialist Joyce Tang, who both work for
Has the evolution of those boring slide shows that grandparents used to relish turned into something more -- more human, perhaps?
Through the years, you've probably accumulated a laundry list of "friends" from different stages of your life. Some "friends" you keep around because you want to see what they're up to, others you want to keep in regular contact with and the rest you're just too lazy to "unfriend." (Why do they make that so hard to do?)
Of course, people hate change, especially when it comes to Facebook. Modifications the site has made over the years have
The typical daily Facebook user could see as many as 1,500 distinct posts from connections and organizations and brands each
Once you have the urge to turn Facebook into a family album, let that be a sign that you've outgrown these britches.
We forget. We forget that there is something greater that dwells amidst the accolades, the trips and the fancy meals -- the every day of life. This understanding has become lost as social networking sites become our primary source of communication. We deliberately try to set ourselves apart, to be seen, to be happier than the update before us.
After nearly three days using Facebook's new News Feed, I've made my conclusion. I like it. Facebook just got a lot more addicting. And more useful.
For five years, News Feed has folded disparate types of information into a single place, so that a best friend's photos get little more consideration than a news site's latest links. But on Thursday, Facebook made a move to bring back some of the purity of News Feed.
At a small news conference on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a fairly dramatic redesign of the Facebook newsfeed, emphasizing
This isn't the first time Facebook has used a newspaper analogy to describe News Feed. When it launched Top Stories in September
Facebook is big, and getting bigger. So don't feel despondent about the fact that you're having trouble managing the stream of data that Facebook is sending at you. It's not you -- it's them.