7. What would I use this for, anyway? Graph Search is the new way to search within Facebook. As opposed to web search, in
You can find this post on Beet.TV Day says the company has worked closely with Facebook on the new player.   Blip is one
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In September at f8, Facebook announced partnerships with slew of companies who would develop Open Graph Timeline apps. Airbnb
Some users had their reservations about Facebook’s latest changes. Even Facebook chief technology officer Bret Taylor took
Now maybe the end of privacy is the end of shame, but until we evolve past our obsessions with scandal and slip-ups, we need
Instead of manipulating the social norm to their business model, it would be better if Facebook began developing some expertise in modeling the norms that already exist.
With regard to Facebook, our goal is to help Blizzard gamers on Battle.net more easily connect to their real-life friends
It's been a big week for Facebook. The site rolled out a new "Like" button, shuttered Facebook Lite, introduced "Community