What makes a question like, "What is your favorite sports team?" a security risk? Isn't answering it supposed to enhance your security? Actually, such questions aren't intended primarily to enhance your security.
After initially introducing the password privacy measure in 2011, Perlmutter explained in a statement: "This is a very simple
* In California, prison workers and peace officers will now be prohibited from having sex with inmates and prisoners in transport
Small Business
Googling job candidates and checking out their social networks has become a standard part of many companies' hiring process
How paranoid would an organization have to be, to doubt its own managers' instincts so severely that it doesn't trust them to hire smart people without resorting to KGB-type snooping tactics?
A Michigan teacher's aide is fighting a legal battle with the Lewis Cass Intermediate School District for removing her from
The related Associated Press (AP) story to which Favate referred has caused quite a stir across the web and also spurred
Following the incident, Collins contacted the ACLU of Maryland, which, in turn, sent a letter to Public Safety Secretary
Examples include Maryland's Department of Corrections asking applicants to let an interviewer watch as they log into their
Weird News
A judge has ordered a feuding Connecticut couple to turn their passwords for Facebook and dating sites over to each other's