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It was almost exactly one year ago that Facebook launched Places, their location-based offering. Reading the press at the
There's much potential to be explored in social media, location, and mobile. Many services require getting to critical mass
2010 may have been a big year for some social media outlets, but for others business wasn't so great. While Google struggled
Facebook Places, the new location tool launched today in the UK, is likely to experience a "slow rate of adoption" as people
Facebook may have been late to the location wars with Facebook Places launching only a few months ago, but it's been thinking
As of late, I can't log on to Facebook without finding out that one of my "friends" is at Carl's Jr. or Dress Barn.
However, according to Priebatsch, these social traffic engines and the fun games and challenges they present to users also
I emailed Nashua, NH detective Dan Archambault, who told me that only two of the cases involved Facebook and in each case
The Message - Writing an individualized, private message is a way to establish contact without allowing the entire Facebook
On August 18th, Facebook launched their long-anticipated Places -- both a response to Foursquare and Gowalla and an articulation of Facebook's mobile strategy.
This week, Facebook officially rolled out Facebook Places, its location-based service. This means that the time to get your strategy together for how to effectively use location to reach, engage, and empower brand activists is right now.
You must approve a check-in request, but you are only given two options: "Yes" and "Not Now." The American Civil Liberties
Despite lots of privacy controls, you still need to think about how you might be spotted on Facebook Places, even if you don't use Places. By default, any Facebook friend can tag you at a location.
When the most popular website on earth outside of search engines launches a new feature automatically enrolling its 500 million active members in an elaborate geographic surveillance program, it's kind of a big deal.
Facebook Places is the latest "check-in" service, announced yesterday by the Internet giant. It comes on the heels of Foursquare