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Public Service Announcement: People's reproductive plans are none of your business.   In a Sept. 20 Facebook post, writer
A Scottish babysitter’s life seems to be in a spin cycle after she snapped photographs of a toddler with Down syndrome inside a washing machine for a laugh.
The post was shared over 26,000 times and eventually made its way to Greg Lindsay's wife Sarah. “I was like, ‘That’s my ring
Hidden among all of those Facebook posts of dogs, cats and kids -- which are really only important to their owners -- are the ever-increasing 'feel sorry for me' posts. These often contain messages designed to attract a bevy of comments.
Are there people you absolutely can't stand to follow on this digital platform? Sound off in the comments section or tweet
For budding novelists out there, Facebook calculates it would take nine complete status updates to reach the typical novel
Martin told police that he had lived with a Korean woman, his then-girlfriend in his Riverside home about five years ago
In technology news, Facebook has once again redefined the line of online privacy this week by launching a new mandatory "social security number" section on user's profiles.