Facebook privacy

Since 2016, Facebook has been paying users up to $20 per month plus referral fees to sell their privacy by installing the iOS or Android “Facebook Research” app.
A bug caused up to 14 million users’ new posts to appear publicly, even if they previously had a more private default setting.
The firm at the center of the Facebook data hack made the decision after suffering a sharp drop in business.
Social media, in continuation of similar but far less effective distribution platforms such as Fox News, is responsible for accelerating and tipping over a major transformation of western culture and perhaps even of the species itself.
Facebook users should be concerned if the company is so committed to the perspective of content creators that it cannot tolerate its board members even being involved in the exploration of an issue.
Social media (and online dating) is fun. But it's important to realize that there are some more serious considerations.
It might transform how you share information.
Some of us are a little more dedicated than others when it comes to digging up juicy digital dirt. Gird thy privacy settings, people, because it's about to get weird.
The government's current justification for the policy requires clarification, to put it mildly. One claim is that investigating social media invades privacy, which could cause embarrassment to the United States.
People are giving up their personal data for a colorful word cloud and a few Facebook likes.