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Filters don't change the world. For the most part, they're just a way for you to show your online friends you support something in that moment. Within a day or two, most filters give way to new profile pics and all is forgotten... until, usually, another senseless act or weather-related horror occurs.
The world is revolving more and more around search results. Google, Bing, Yahoo -- all return slightly different results for any search (so don't neglect to check all of them). What really matters is that you are presented prominently and at your best.
I want to live the life I have on Facebook. That girl has her sh*t together. Her profile photo reveals casually perfected makeup. Her background picture shows a world-traveler, a carefree woman staring into the sunset.
Packet Storm Security, a firm that employs the "white-hat" hackers who helped report the bug, indicated in a post on Wednesday
According to a patent filing that went public just weeks ago, listing co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself as one of the inventors, Facebook is considering something called "Paid Profile Personalization."
A recent Facebook update has angered some brands who rely on this colossal social network for business promotion. Fascination
Here are the photos that the study's authors distributed to show the difference between photos of a person from a Western
There it was, posted between a Pinterest recipe and YouTube video by Florence and the Machine. Deb, a former colleague, had died of cancer. She was 40 years old.
Six months later, the responses from the students were compared to those of the raters and the results indicated the Facebook
When Facebook rolled out their latest changes, a lot of longtime users did some major eye-rolling. "Here we go again," a lot of users thought.
Now it appears -- starting with New Zealand -- the Facebook profile will have its transformational moment, too. As a refresher
What if I said that I think folks may want to think twice before deleting, untagging or "sending to trash" those unfortunate images of their wild youth? Well, that's exactly what I'm saying.
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There is, for better or for worse, plenty of reason to stay in this relationship. First, there's the Timeline, the unifying
Parents fret all the time about protecting their kids on Facebook, but many of the products and services I’ve seen that aim
Though Inside Facebook reported that Facebook had been allowing them to tag friends as their expected children, that glitch
Facebook announced the tool with a caveat explaining to interested users that wall posts, notes, photo albums, and any other