In fact, you probably already use a website that quietly autoplays adds: YouTube. Go to the video-sharing website's homepage
"We don't want to be in the business of king-making," Purdy said. "In the end, users decide what they care about, and they
Facebook is building great value for consumers and brands; it's a very valuable company. Wall Street's negative analysis completely misunderstands the Facebook business model -- and to some extent, the entire nature of the social media market.
Here’s a feel-good Facebook story amid allegations that pockets of the world’s largest social network are infested with robots
Having attracted 900 million users to the biggest party in history, Facebook now has to sell them stuff -- without being a buzz kill.
It's electrifying here in Silicon Valley this week, even more so than usual. Normally, many of us are heads down, focused on our own companies, but right now, even in the land of "what's next?" all anyone can talk about is the Facebook IPO.
Facebook filed its initial paperwork for its IPO on Feb. 1, 2012, in what is assured to be the most talked about IPO in 2012. However, before you "friend" the Facebook share, it will pay to do some digging into their StockVille.
Facebook's IPO filing this week confirmed what we already knew: Facebook makes the vast majority of its money by selling
Facebook declined to comment on its financial results. Its popularity among consumers and advertisers has pressured entrenched
According to Dealbook, Goldman Sachs Capitol Partners, a prominent investment group within the bank, was offered the first
Both the minimum investment and the investment deadline may be subject to change, the investors said. Goldman declined to
The value of huge social networking operation Facebook is a matter of endless debate among experts. The company has over
Facebook's financial performance is stronger than previously believed, as the Internet social network's explosive growth
Using prices from internal company share deals, advisory firm and market-maker NYPPEX puts the implied value of Facebook
Facebook has begun tapping a new revenue stream with the introduction of an internal payments system, a move that might help