Facebook is nearing its IPO date, and as it gets closer, it has been furiously updating its S-1 filing. The social network
Monthly active users now total 901 million (up from 680 million a year ago). Daily active users are up to 526 million (up
The Huffington Post: Facebook Investors: Who's Making Mint Off Facebook IPO Want to see the 9 biggest threats to Facebook's
As part of its much ballyhooed S-1 filing on its road to going public, Facebook ($FB) also listed a set of "Risks Related
Risk Factors: Increased mobile engagement -- Facebook's over 400 million mobile users are a threat to the company, because
The filing also revealed that the service now has 845 million monthly active users. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
The preliminary IPO filing sets the stage for a May market of the world's largest social network, IFR reported, a coming