The thing is, these aren't accidental flaws in Facebook. These are features.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has now added a new tool on their web site for tax-payers to detect employment-related identity theft. Your online account, known as "my Social Security," can give you access to your yearly earnings statement, among other things.
Each of us needs a personal privacy strategy governing what information we release and to whom. Rather than default to openness we should default to privacy, and then choose to share information where the benefits outweigh the dangers.
Perhaps even more troubling, however, is that Facebook's move away from curation may threaten the magic and stickiness of
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Yes, Zuckerberg's ideal Facebook would be one on which everyone was sharing everything they were doing: He became strangely
In a blog post, Facebook suggested that "journalists, artists and political figures" might take advantage of the new tool
Check out an screenshot for the Send button (below) , and share your thoughts about this new feature in our Quick Poll. LOOK
In this digital age most of our personal information is already readily available. When in doubt always revert to rule #1: If you don't want the entire world to see something, then don't post it.