"The good news was that people found Howard and Heidi equally competent," Sheryl says in the clip. "But they liked Howard
Yahoo! is a bit of a mess as a company. Marissa is a bit of a star as a corporate CEO. She must know something about turnaround. But... I wonder what she was thinking when she built a nursery for her baby next to her office, while cutting off any flexibility for her staff.
WATCH THE FULL CLIP BELOW (via HBO): On the subject of Sandberg's book, Arianna explained, "Her point is don't let the voices
Jennifer Murray, Mother Of 5-Year-Old Quadruplets "I free up time with a game of team tidying: mom versus quads. It's amazing
"A woman, if you're most intelligent or most likely to succeed, that's an embarrassing thing or something that's not considered
Following a lengthy profile in Bloomberg, Facebook COO is now the subject of a New Yorker piece, titled "A Woman's Place
From the speech: WATCH: At Facebook we have a very broad mission. We don't just want you to post all your pictures of tonight
The Facebook executive explains how she'll take advantage of the unique pow-wow in Switzerland [the World Economic Forum