facebook spam

Wallace faces a $250,000 fine and up to three years in prison.
Who wouldn't want a Facebook feed with fewer obnoxious posts? Here's Facebook's example of a "like-baiting" post. It's actually
Over the last several days, Facebook has been sweeping its site and eliminating fake accounts in what TechCrunch has cleverly
You can also see which outside website a Facebook request will direct you to by looking in the bottom left corner of a request
You're going to see things like "Hate the new Facebook Timeline? Here's how to switch back to the old view." The sad truth is that this is just a spam hacker hoping you'll click some link so that they can access your account.
Computerworld notes that some believe the browser exploit was written by members of hacker-activist collective Anonymous
Snopes has verified that the post is, indeed, a scam. The post includes the headline "BREAKING NEWS - Leaked Video of Casey
Has your Facebook wall ever been flooded with spam? Have you ever realized with horror that your profile has been spamming
Facebook recently launched a new security wall to block scammers, but many are worried these measures won't stop spam from