facebook stalking

According to new research, there's a reason you might be drawn to spying on former partners -- even if it hurts.
Keeping up with Joneses has been part of our society for some time, but with social networking on the rise with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the number of "Joneses" we have to compare ourselves to has expanded profusely.
This study was published in Psychology of Women Quarterly. Either way, it might be a good idea to temper your Facebook stalking
I've started passively collecting examples of items and products that trivialize stalking. I don't seek out this stuff, it seems to be just out there in the world. Greeting cards, coffee mugs and so much more.
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If you've ever stalked an ex on Facebook, then you know it's imperative not to accidentally click Like on something. Committing
Next, the students were shown a fake social network called "SocialLink," which gave them the option to click on the profiles
Despite good intentions, Nearby Friends presents challenges for those concerned about cyberbullying, stalking and privacy. Because most teens are not very cautious when adding "friends" on Facebook, this new service could be more of a disservice.
If you were ever having a weak moment and wanted to be more beautiful, less fat, more educated or stalked the girl you got dumped for and then searched for any related content, you can suddenly get inundated with ads exploiting your darkest hour and your day could end feeling like you just got gang-raped by the cyber gods.
Facebook's mission may be to "connect the world," but when it comes to divorce, connecting with your ex is probably the last
Midway through my meal, it occurred to me that all the points he was referencing and commentary he brought up sounded vaguely familiar -- almost as if we'd had this conversation before.
Think you didn't sign on for this? You did. Facebook's Data Use Policy states that "we may get your GPS or other location
I got my Facebook account in seventh grade. It was a huge deal and I remember feeling so cool -- I had a Facebook! Four years later Facebook has lost its sparkle.
In analyzing the responses, Marshall found that those who Facebook-stalked their ex more frequently were more likely to be
In a world where Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram stalking has become commonplace, and users put personal information
Aren't all members of Facebook, in some respect, lurkers and voyeurs? Yes, but certain people are less noble about it than others. I'd like to call those people out.
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For those who want to creep, but were deleted, 70 percent said they used a mutual friend's profile to creep on their ex, with
About eight weeks ago I had one of the roughest breakups I thought I would ever have to go through. Tears were shed, memories felt lost, and I felt so lonely. The worst part? Clicking deactivate.