The misleading reports led to all sorts of speculative posts based on the data, like "The Possibility of Peak Facebook," which
One year before that report surfaced, Mark Zuckerberg had appeared at the NewSchools Venture Fund's Summit and discussed
Here are some other interesting statistics noted through the Edinburgh study: "Facebook used to be like a great party for
Women sway more men to their Facebook recommendations than they do members of their own gender, suggests a survey that may
The visualizations offer yet another reminder of just how much Facebook knows about its users and how closely it can track
Check out the chart from Jess3 below (Click for a larger version): Facebook's own statistics tell a slightly different story
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But it's not just hyperactivity, that will get you in trouble. Women were also annoyed by those friends who use Facebook
Last week, Facebook's data analysis team published some interesting facts about its users based on an analysis of 1 million