Sometimes you come across a post on your Facebook account and you just want to scream. We all know that one post of just
Through the years, you've probably accumulated a laundry list of "friends" from different stages of your life. Some "friends" you keep around because you want to see what they're up to, others you want to keep in regular contact with and the rest you're just too lazy to "unfriend." (Why do they make that so hard to do?)
Social media can be our best friend during a tragedy by helping search and collect information fast. But social media can
2013-09-18-Screenshot20130917at10.26.06PM.pngHere's the unlisted #8: announcing that you're leaving Facebook. You think you sound like Dave Chappelle in '04, but you actually sound like David Caruso in '94.
In September, a woman posted an "LOL" status update in reference to her alleged involvement in a drunk driving accident, according
Single, in a relationship, engaged, married and now, expecting a baby? Facebook is now encouraging people to share that next
Facebook's move follows the unveiling of new gay-inclusive "emojis," or emoticons, which will be found on the new version
The posts on the new website We Know What You're Doing read like a list of exactly the things most people would never want
We get it: you're engaged, you're happy, and you want to tell the world. Who can blame you for that? In the age of social
Although Facebook has dramatically changed the rules of social interactions, there are some things that are still not allowed