Further proof that most Facebook statuses are terrible. What if, instead of simply writing your next emotion-filled Facebook
"Well, that was interesting." WHAT WAS? Is everything okay? What's happening? These are just a few of the questions that
2013-09-18-Screenshot20130917at10.26.06PM.pngHere's the unlisted #8: announcing that you're leaving Facebook. You think you sound like Dave Chappelle in '04, but you actually sound like David Caruso in '94.
Kids say the darnedest things, but sometimes they cut to the quick, too. Take, for example, this smart-aleck fourth-grader
Via Tastefully Offensive PICTURE: Redditor Darkreef2 knows what we're talking about. Between the Mayan-predicted apocalypse
Via Blame It on the Voices PICTURE: Then things got a little dicey. Check out his Facebook status below and you'll see what
The 17-year-old girl sustained injuries but made it out of the house that morning to call 911. Friends of hers said that
We've all been there: You come up with a joke and think to yourself, "This would be a great Facebook status!" Well, Jenny
YouTuber Miles Jai has had about enough of you and your annoying status updates, fishing for Likes when all you really want