Researchers found that the more you use Facebook, the likelier you are to feel worse.
Inevitably, we compare ourselves to others, and it makes us question our self-worth and capabilities. Here are a few simple tips to making you a happier person:
5) Falling Behind -- It's impossible to keep up with Facebook because people are always posting one thing or another. Thus
So, can you stop worrying about the role of algorithms and personalization in creating echo chambers online? The shortest version is this: Absolutely not.
Paying too much attention to your Facebook friends' updates could be bad for your mental health, according to a new study
A Facebook study that manipulated your newsfeed to make you sad or happy was the most popular research of 2014, according
Cutting off online interactions beyond Facebook can have negative consequences, according to another study last year. Heavy
The researchers tested 168 undergraduate students to determine how mood affects who people stalk on Facebook. First, they
"It is clear now that there are things we should have done differently," Schroepfer writes. In the post, Schroepfer admits
In recent years, there's been a flurry of research examining how romance blossoms and wilts on Facebook, perhaps because
At the end of the day we are not customers to Facebook rather we are products that offer cash potential to advertisers (their true customers) based on every online move we make. Facebook knows it. We know it. Zuckasaurus knows it.
Both studies, which involved more than 300 English- and German-speaking participants, found the same thing: People felt worse
Facebook originally defended the research, saying it was part of the company’s ongoing effort to improve its website. But
July 2 (Reuters) - The British data watchdog is investigating whether Facebook Inc violated data-protection laws when it
Kramer's major regret is that he and his colleagues didn't adequately explain why they conducted the study in the first place
Every time you cringe, roll your eyes, and mute an annoying friend on Facebook for oversharing, you could be invalidating
A group of researchers from the social network and Stanford University set out recently to understand Facebook rumors like
The study also looked at pattens of breakups, and found that relationships are most likely to end during the summer compared
A new study from Facebook found that more than a quarter (28 percent) of married Facebook users in the U.S. met their spouses