Researchers found that the more you use Facebook, the likelier you are to feel worse.
Inevitably, we compare ourselves to others, and it makes us question our self-worth and capabilities. Here are a few simple tips to making you a happier person:
But the worst Facebook numbers game (at least for me) is how many people send birthday greetings. I always send out birthday
So, can you stop worrying about the role of algorithms and personalization in creating echo chambers online? The shortest version is this: Absolutely not.
Paying too much attention to your Facebook friends' updates could be bad for your mental health, according to a new study
"I can understand why some people have concerns about it, and my coauthors and I are very sorry for the way the paper described
According to a new study, people who quit Facebook for three days have a much weaker urge to return if they are reminded
Next, the students were shown a fake social network called "SocialLink," which gave them the option to click on the profiles
"It is clear now that there are things we should have done differently," Schroepfer writes. In the post, Schroepfer admits
Sorry about this, but there's a new study out that will probably make those who are already unsure about their relationships