Eolas Technologies Inc and the Regents of the University of California filed lawsuits on Wednesday over four patents they
When it comes to Facebook, we are still trying to figure out two things: what it is worth to us, and how much it should cost.
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc and banks including Morgan Stanley were sued by the social networking leader's shareholders, who
The class action, brought by Bohannon on behalf of other parents and legal guardians in similar situations, highlighted the
"My own personal view is that Facebook isn’t suitable for under-18s, but the company isn’t even able to uphold its own policy
The lawsuit, filed in New York by Justin Nastro through his father Frank Nastro, seeks class-action status, for those minors
Larry Klayman, a renowned American activist, former Justice Department prosecutor, former U.S. Senate candidate and book
Majed Moughni lost Michigan’s Republican primary, denying him the chance to go up against incumbent Rep. John Dingell, who
In a lawsuit filed against the world's largest social network, Maryland resident Karen Beth Young claims Facebook disabled
That stance seems to have gained him little love on Facebook among gamers, where users have posted groups such as the 255