And I'll bet even more money that you won't even miss the Facebook Friends you dropped. And they won't miss you. You guys
Developed by Carter Wheatley and Adlai Gordon, two computer science students at Boston University, the app connects to your
And so we asked our Facebook page fans those very questions. Here is what they said. Feel free to post your own experience
"Offensive comments" and a lack of knowledge about a person are the top two reasons people unfriend on Facebook, according
Thursday Nov. 17 marked Jimmy Kimmel's second annual National Unfriend Day, when he encourages people to clean out their
Jimmy Kimmel made headlines last year when he declared November 17 to be National UnFriend Day, a day when Facebook users
Here's how you can see who's unfriended you: First, pick a year from your timeline (any year since you joined will do). While
Justin Meyers And with the invention of smartphones, befriending someone has gotten even easier, thanks to Facebook's mobile