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 On Thursday, Facebook announced a change to its News Feed: Instead of passively following the glut of content selected by
Your Facebook week in summary The switch is part of an effort by Facebook to give its users more control over the site's
You can be a poker or an asker... or you could be a human being and pick up the phone or send a person a message and say, "Hi, how are you? I'd really love to catch up."
"... She posted on her Facebook page that she sent the kids back to Perry County for the week and that she would not see
Unlike me, the rest of the Internet feel less like distracted dogs and more like volcanically-angry human beings: #NewFacebook
UPDATE: See what Facebook unveiled at its announcement here. -- Starting at approximately 10AM PT, Larry Magid will be live
As of late, I can't log on to Facebook without finding out that one of my "friends" is at Carl's Jr. or Dress Barn.