Little stories are scattered througout the media suggesting inquiries into the methods used to determine the pre-IPO valuation of Facebook. But the real surprise is that nobody is outraged over the big cash-outs that investors and former founders are taking.
(Reuters) - Two top U.S. financial regulators said the issues around the initial public offering of Facebook should be reviewed
From TechCrunch: Facebook announced on Thursday afternoon that it has set the price of its initial public offering. According
Facebook is scheduled to begin trading on the Nasdaq on Friday. A host of Wall Street banks are underwriting the offering
Wall Street bankers said Mark Zuckerberg wasn't going to show up on Monday, the first leg of the "road show," or publicity campaign to make sure the company he founded is worth close to the estimated $100 billion he and his bankers are looking for.
According to SmartMoney: If Facebook is in fact valued at $100 billion, original shareholders will see their ownership value
How much are your Facebook friends worth? It's difficult to put a price tag on friendships -- but we might soon find out what Wall Street thinks.
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc is looking to go public between April and June 2012 with a valuation of over $100 billion, the Wall
Clint Greenleaf Founder And CEO, Greenleaf Book Group "The Cowboy" "The Facebook Ads program is so robust -- you can identify
While the latest valuations seem high for a company that was started just seven years ago by a Harvard undergrad in his dorm room, they don't even begin to touch the potential valuation that Facebook might attain in the very near future.