CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- Today, digital banking, investing and lending have gone mainstream in China, with millions of consumers skipping straight from cash to mobile finance. The African market shows similar potential.
Before the rollout, WhatsApp users could find out whether or not contacts had at least opened WhatsApp by checking out the
To give you some perspective, that is 10 times the amount sent in the entire US text message industry in one day. That is just insane!
According to a a new letter, you can count the U.S. government among the concerned parties. WhatsApp made a name for itself
Facebook's recent purchase of the messaging app WhatsApp perfectly illustrates tech's impact on the job market and inequality
Besides the high price, the Facebook-WhatsApp deal has also been controversial because of the companies' opposing takes on
Cesarini, Williams and Virding are all enthusiastic about Elixir because it is bringing new people in to the Erlang community
For his part, Kaum insisted that WhatsApp's data collection (or lack thereof) wouldn't change after the Facebook purchase
When the CEOs of big companies buy smaller startups in a grab for their members, the executives know there’s a very important
In case you're in need of a little more evidence that The American Dream is alive and well, here's this.