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He also noted Facebook "continue[s] to measure satisfaction with all content, including ads." "We’re surprised that the quality
From privacy concerns to a botched IPO to "Winkle-gate," Facebook has faced a slew of naysayers, some of whom have predicted the company's demise from day one. But Zuck is one of the greatest business leaders of our time. Wall Street just doesn't know it yet.
When do you go to market? Well, it depends... on your industry, on your competition, on the quality of your product, on market tests, on your team, and on how well you-the-entrepreneur handle being out of your comfort zone.
Despite his apparent smarts, others sitting outside of Facebook's walls are not as willing to drink the Zuckerberg Kool-Aid
Going public and raising a boat load of cash doesn't guarantee success. As we all eagerly await Facebook's Initial Public Offering (IPO), I can't help but to think that history is going to repeat itself.
Facebook and the billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has joined the establishment. It has become another corporate giant which cheated us, luring on a concept of global friendship which has turned out to be lined with corporate greed.
After weeks of criticism over a new advertising program that was perceived as a privacy threat, Facebook Inc. has tweaked