"Hi, Aiden! Hi, Charlotte!" ... Can I call ― I’ll call you back, OK?" Clinton told her grandkids.
14-year-old Grant Thompson's family will be given a financial reward, including money for his education, as a thanks.
The software update fixes a bug that allowed callers to listen to and watch other users without their permission.
A new bug in Apple's FaceTime app lets iPhone users listen in on the people they call without them picking up.
Apple has announced plans to make a software update available this week to solve the issue.
Partners share their best advice for maintaining a strong relationship when you live far apart.
"Not too many people our age get to have a romance."
Three years ago, one of my patients asked, “Doc, why can’t we talk on the computer?” The question caught me off guard. In
By Annie Mark-Westfall In Germany, the question ‘How are you?’ is not the meaningless throwaway that it is in the U.S. I
Today, I found myself in a most unusual position of giving the eulogy at my father's funeral through FaceTime while riding a train to New York City.
What I'm trying to say is...as much as I wish you were still here I take comfort in knowing you escaped some very painful
With a divorce rate in America hovering around 50%, chances are you, your sister, brother, or friend is either going through or made it through one. Because of that Christmas I'd like to forget, I want to help those of you dysfunctioning families function around the holidays.
In our multicultural world, families look forward to many different holidays in the winter months. With varied family structures, parents struggle to meet the needs of everyone's traditions and faiths. Sometimes, competing interests of parents become the focus instead of the pleasure of the seasons.
Plop! It finally happened. My iPhone fell in the toilet. My husband has warned me many times about keeping my cell phone in my pants' back pocket and I continued to do so. It has fallen on the floor around the bowl too many times to count, but never before did I make the "bulls eye shot."