"Nothing incites my body dysmorphia more than seeing my own image on screen."
Tokyo's coronavirus-closed Sumida Aquarium said the little eels have started burrowing into the sand when staffers come by to check on them.
Just because the playdates are online, doesn't mean they can't be interactive. Think puppet shows, makeovers, or a music session.
The two stars reminded viewers of the "Living Room Concert For America" to take care of one another during the coronavirus pandemic.
As COVID-19 creates the need for social distancing and quarantine, people are turning to video-chatting platforms to keep themselves sane and connected.
The model was forced to change her email address after she tweeted a picture of it to her 11.7 million followers.
The actress appeared via FaceTime during a hangout with BFF Kris Jenner.
"Hi, Aiden! Hi, Charlotte!" ... Can I call ― I’ll call you back, OK?" Clinton told her grandkids.
14-year-old Grant Thompson's family will be given a financial reward, including money for his education, as a thanks.