facial hair

The "Starboy" singer stepped out without his trademark facial hair.
The "Game of Thrones" star has said goodbye to the facial hair he's sported since 2012 for an environmental reason.
His latest endorsement came from Esquire, which ran a headline that read, “Damnit, Ted Cruz’s Beard Looks Tolerable Now.”
The "Jeopardy!" host removed his facial hair despite overwhelming approval in a poll of viewers.
"Hopefully it won't be a distraction for our players," the "Jeopardy!" host said. But it definitely distracted the internet.
One Twitter user suspects John Bolton's mustache told Ty Cobb's: 'There can be only one.'
What happened to Andrew Jones demonstrates such a lack of critical thinking, it's unbelievable. It's time we check delusion at the door and start operating from objective reality. It's time we put our efforts into solving problems that really matter. It's time we become critical thinkers.
Does your choice of beard reflect your personal style, or is it a total mismatch? Whether you're thinking about growing a beard or you already have one, you will learn how to find the beard that works best with your overall look.
Here are the results of last night's real slubberknocker between Father John Misty's beard taking on Ray LaMontagne's facial broom.
Everybody loves funny wedding memories, but something that happens to the bride or groom's face isn't really funny. I'm sure this groom would have had a much better time at his wedding and reception if he didn't know he looked stupid, and if his face hadn't been burning. Take care so that you can have the most fun possible!
Who knew new Miami Marlins Manager Don Mattingly was a hypocritical shame to his Mustached-American heritage?
I'm a white hipster in his late twenties with a strong political opinion suffering from depression. You know, the antichrist