Facial recognition system

In August, an appellate judge ruled against Facebook in a case claiming the tech company is illegally collecting and storing biometric data.
“One false match is too many," an ACLU lawyer said. The group backs a California bill banning use of the tests on police body cameras.
'There’s a lot of scariness that comes with this.'
The lawsuit says the social media platform unlawfully stores people’s biometric data, pointing to its “tag suggestions” feature for photos.
Customs and Border Protection said a subcontractors’ network was compromised in a cyberattack but did not say how many people were affected.
They reported that the FBI has access to driver's licenses, passports, mugshots and other photos that can be used by facial recognition technology.
At a congressional hearing, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tackled how the use of facial recognition technology can “exacerbate” racial bias in the criminal justice system.
The NYPD also used a photo of a New York Knicks player to search its database for a man wanted for a Brooklyn assault, according to a report by Georgetown University.
The California city is the first major U.S. city to ban government use of the technology.
AI is increasingly common, and the algorithms it uses to "predict" crime and misbehavior are reproducing racial discrimination.
The newest group seeking to profit from the president's anti-immigration efforts? Tech companies.
ICE said it doesn't have a contract with Amazon for "Rekognition," but it has used similar software in the past.
Facial recognition software often does not properly identify darker-skinned people.