fact check

Rep. Jason Smith couldn't explain why a message dating to a time when Biden was not in office or a candidate would be proof of political corruption.
Fact-checker Daniel Dale said the Georgia lawmaker's spokesperson told him to "f**k off" when reached for comment.
The Texas senator then tweeted a clip from his interview containing his false claim about Merrick Garland, but not the fact-check that followed.
The MSNBC host dissected the South Carolina senator's GOP response to Biden's address in about a minute.
The Washington Post's fact checker tallied all the false and misleading claims Biden made in speeches, interviews and tweets since taking office.
"This is a new lying level even for him," said Daniel Dale.
"Official sources" have called the election differently, Twitter snapped back, appending its fact-checking caveat.
Dale also pointed out that the plan “has been telegraphed for literally months by the people now doing it.”
"When he says, ‘We did win this election, we’ve already won,’ that is not based in the facts at all," Brian Williams said of the president's claims.
Twitter fact-checked President Donald Trump. Trump responded by threatening to regulate or shut down social media companies that he claims are trying to “silence conservative voices.”