The website called "The Resistance: The Last Line Of Defense," which published the Beyonce' fake news, has a disclaimer, which
I disagree with Lundberg, because the fake news pledge, developed in response to Colorado lawmakers who spread fake news
A wider look at the role of lawmakers in spreading fake news is called for, particularly after officials connected to the
Now logic is a more difficult thing to analyze than factual truth or falsehood, and those consuming such analysis require a certain facility with logic and argumentation in order to follow along. But what a wonderful thing it would be if there was an audience large enough to support just one web site offering such a service.
Republican Presidential contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are at war over what they charge to be false political ads against each other. It's one battle in this bizarre and contentious campaign year which could actually benefit us all.
The political question is whether Hillary Clinton would once again listen to her corporate funders, like Eli Broad, or to teachers, unions and parents who are fed up with the test, sort, reward and punish approach to school improvement.
One of her most frequently used lines doesn't really hold up.
Unsubstantiated ideas are frequently published in the news media without a rigorous investigation into their veracity. Following their initial publication, these ideas are cited and re-cited by other news media organizations, and sometimes the originators themselves, creating a phenomenon known as "circular reporting," repeatedly breathing life into lies so long as they are not fact-checked.
The competition is called the “P3 Awards:A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity
This week, Senator Bernie Sanders officially announced that he is seeking the democratic nomination for President in 2016...again.
When politicians use superlatives — such as “best,” “highest” or “more than any” — we’ve always advised our readers to be
But Clinton still hasn’t amended the talking point. Clinton is a repeat offender on this statistic. Our colleagues at the
Fiorina said that the government is charging a “kind of high” interest rate of 6.5 percent and 7.5 percent. But those rates
The former Republican governor of Arkansas spoke for about a half hour on May 5 in his birthplace of Hope, Arkansas. Among
Clinton is referring to the WEF’s 2014/2015 “Global Gender Gap Index,” which tallies an overall ranking based on a variety
Of the 44 women listed in the annual salary data provided by the campaign, 26 of them worked only a portion of the year. And