factory fire

The leading federation of labor unions in the U.S. has issued a withering critique of so-called social auditing programs, the corporate-funded inspection systems now used by major American companies to monitor working conditions in their supply chains here and abroad.
The report: CSR Report The two groups emerged after a series of sweatshop scandals in the 1990s, when U.S. retail companies
By most accounts, the Bangladesh tragedy could have been prevented by management simply spending more money on safety.
Most of the bodies were burnt beyond recognition and authorities had started burials while mourning relatives scrambled to
The sad irony on this centennial of the Triangle tragedy is that the abusive conditions, poverty wages and shoddy garment industry safety practices that unions and social reformers decried in 1911 have not been eliminated.
One hundred years ago today, the Triangle Shirtwaist fire killed 175 people who were either trapped or leapt to their death
"In general we have been satisfied with Garib & Garib's way of working with our code of conduct. As far as we know this terrible