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No sector tells the tale of globalization quite like apparel.
Photo: UN Women Cambodia/Lisa Taieb Cross-posted from UN Women “The men at the factory would stare at me and tell me that
Despite high-pressure, incessant work, a group of creative and hopeful women seek confidence and agency through photography.
We know about tragedies like the Bangladesh factory fire in 2013 that left over 1,100 people dead, we know about inhumane child labor in the sweatshops of the Global South, but we are not connecting the dots and taking responsibility.
Without worker voice, we can't hope to achieve decent work or sustainable production. But by leveraging mobile to give workers a seat at the table, we're turning connectivity into productivity.
WASHINGTON -- A U.S.-based labor watchdog group says it has uncovered disturbing working conditions inside a Chinese factory
A man adjusts Christmas-themed fabric. Some workers aren't familiar with the holiday's meaning or traditions at all. You
Prevention is key but it is just as important to be prepared in case of future accidents. This can be done through an employment injury insurance (EII) scheme that spreads the risks across all employers at the national level.
The laborers inside make more than three times the country's minimum wage. Workplace safety standards are high, and the plant
What do factory workers want? They sew our clothes and assemble our mobile phones -- things we use every day -- but they remain a mystery to us. Most are working thousands of miles away behind secure company gates.
The report, with support from U.S.-based China Labor Watch and in collaboration with other European consumer advocacy organizations, describes disturbing workplace troubles at factories that supply the computer giant Dell.
In an email to HuffPost, an FLA spokeswoman said last year's deficit was offset by reserves. "The budget for this year is
Worker advocates say coaching from supervisors is a widespread problem in Bangladesh. Sumi Abedin, a survivor of the Tazreen
The Bangladesh headline immediately made me think of all of the faces I would see walking through factories in China and
One big problem in California's garment factories is that employees are paid per piece they sew instead of per hour, which
Besides the ease of adding or firing workers, lower wages and Americans' readiness to move for work will make U.S. factory
It's time for us as a nation to let go of the past and look to the future of manufacturing. Today's manufacturing jobs require specialized skills -- and workers with the right training are in high demand.
You can find Biggs' four-part series on life inside the Foxconn campus here. Know, too, that Biggs' portrait of Foxconn is
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