Grill your meats to perfection with these sizzling facts.
If the head of government lies, how can we trust the data of the agencies that work for him?
Libraries and museums reminded the world of the better alternative to "alternative."
Science: "There is too much fake knowledge coming from so-called scientists," Trump said. "They are just a bunch of people
Feelings are not facts. "I just know it in my gut" may be comforting but is no substitute for objective evidence. Whenever
No conspiracy, no political agenda, no common purpose beyond the news, just the extraordinary concept that facts are fungible.
Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). Eleven Americans have walked on the moon and returned safely
I know I have not been alone in this. My marching group included a Ph.D. in American History, a doula in training, a community
I'm being bombarded with emails asking to sign petitions and join rallies and sometimes I haven't a clue about the organization
You can't fight big lies with little truths.
If you think I'm being melodramatic read what Trump surrogate, Scottie Nell Hughes, a television commentator, recently stated
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